Ostrich Eggs for Sale

Ostrich eggs when laid weigh between a pound and a half and 3 pounds each. They are porous in nature so that the egg can breath. They get their glossed look from the ostriches that will constantly pick up grains of sand and drop grains of sand back onto the egg polishing them. The eggs are about the thickness of fine china and the shells can be used for many things from jewelry using broken fragments to carving and etching on with scrimshaw.

Collection can be hazardous as the male can be very territorial and can do great physical damage to you if you’re not careful. Mostly we collect the eggs using a fishing net for our own safety

They will typically lay an egg about every three days and the male will sit the eggs night and the female will set the eggs during the day. The reason for this is because the male ostriches are jet black while the females are more brown in color so the nest is kept safer from predators due to camouflage at night because of the darkness. As mentioned in previous articles ostriches dig their nests from the sand and can dig it is deep as 3 feet. The eggs themselves surround the ostrich but they don’t really sit on top of them as they could break them.

  • Eating eggs are 50.00
  • Hatching eggs are 100.00.

Eggs take 42 days to incubate.

Are Ostrich Eggs Edible? Are They Healthy?

Eggs are known to be a great source of protein in your daily diet, but why settle for chicken eggs? Ostrich eggs are edible and are the equivalent of nearly two dozen chicken eggs. If you’ve never seen an ostrich egg, they are roughly three to five pounds each, six inches in diameter, and an off white shade. They are known to be laid in large dumping nests that hold around 60 eggs per ostrich community. Each egg, if properly incubated, typically hatches in 42 days.

Ostrich eggs can be substituted for chicken eggs in almost any recipe. In fact, if you compare the two from a nutritional standpoint, ostrich eggs provide a number of benefits. These eggs hold about ten servings of chicken eggs. Each of those ten servings holds roughly six more calories than a regular serving of chicken eggs. Both types of eggs provide an equal percentage of protein and fat to any dish. So why make the switch? Ostrich eggs have higher iron and magnesium to add to your diet than most chicken eggs. They are also known as the healthier of the egg choice for its lower cholesterol and lower saturated fats.

If you’re looking to add some ostrich eggs to your diet you might need to know what these eggs taste like and a few types of recipes to include these eggs in. They have been described as having gelatin texture and more of an egg white appearance while cooking, so don’t be alarmed if its not what you expect. Cooking an entire ostrich eggs can take an hour to soft boil or an hour and a half to hard boil. Some common ideas and recipes you can find for ostrich eggs or really any other egg are scrambled eggs, omelets, and egg salad. If you are willing to do some recipe digging, ostrich eggs are used in a variety of unique and creative dishes like ostrich egg frittata, custard, or soufflés.

The biggest challenge when it comes to cooking an ostrich egg is the shell and cracking it open. Some prefer to use the egg as a decoration or art piece after it has been opened an cleaned. If that is your goal then you should stabilize the egg with an item like a towel or a bowl that isn’t very fragile. Take butter knife and hit it with a hammer multiple time in the shape of a one inch circle. Next you can take a fork and whip all of the contents out of the egg into a bowl or mixer.

Other consumers don’t really wish to keep the shell, which makes the process simpler. Draw a line with a knife and stabilize the egg with a towel. Take a screwdriver and chip away at the line on the eggs shell. Once you have weakened the shell you can hold the egg over a bowl and slowly open up the egg. Whether you choose to paint your egg or make some creative entrees, it’s important to be aware of the nutritional benefits and the general awe that ostrich eggs present.