The Amazing Ostrich Egg

Two Questions: What egg has a shell strong enough that a 250-pound man can stand on it, and not crush it? Also, what egg is sturdy enough that it can be used as a water canteen that can hold about 1.25 liters of water? The answer to both: an ostrich egg.

Prior to finding, many of our clients have asked: Where can I buy an Ostrich egg from a reputable source?
ostrich egg

Ostrich eggs, obviously, come from ostriches. They are the largest eggs in the world, measuring about 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter and weighing up to 3 pounds (1.3 kg). If you were to look into an ostrich nest, you’d find up to 20 of these eggs in there. They are usually off-white or cream in color, though some are more of a pearly white.

You can cook an ostrich egg in many of the same ways you would a chicken egg. However, it is important to note that if you wanted to boil one, it would take a while for it to be done: An hour for soft-boiled, and up to one and a half hours for hard-boiled. Unless you’ve got the time and patience for it, you might want to rethink making deviled eggs with your newly-acquired ostrich eggs. The taste is very much like that of a chicken egg, which might be a relief to those worried about ruining their guests’ appetites for omelets. For anyone who might be wondering, one ostrich egg would be equivalent to about 20-24 chicken eggs.

Ostrich eggs aren’t something you’ll find on the menu in an average US restaurant. Until recently, if you wanted to try them, you were out of luck unless you knew someone who could supply them or had the time and money to travel to where they were commonly eaten or breed. Nowadays you can find ostrich eggs ready for sale online, and there are farms like HeadnTheSand in the USA which raise ostriches for their eggs. Those may be your only choices, since the market for these eggs is still very small.

By the way, that part about the water canteen is true. The Bushmen people of the Kalahari Desert hollow out ostrich eggs and use them to carry water. They have also been used in art for thousands of years in South Africa – people etch designs into the thick shell, or paint them. You can even find lamps made from ostrich eggs in tourist shops.

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